(4 Tips) How to Clean and Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

To receive the best service from a vacuum cleaner, it’s very important to maintain and clean it on a regular basis, otherwise, it may broke within very short time.

In this article we are going to discuss on 4 Easy tips to clean & maintain your vacuum cleaner, so you may get the best service from it.

1.  Make Sure About Bag:Maintain_vacuum

Whenever the bag is not finely attached, if you find the dust which does not enter into the bag, instead of the dust is filling inside the vacuum cleaner.

It can damage the filter, whereas the moving parts of the vacuum cleaner doesn’t work correctly.

Once it happens to your vacuum cleaner, it is not a natural process to get out of all dirt from machine.

Also, attaching the bag, you need to be sure that you are purchasing the correct bags for your vacuum cleaner or not.

For every vacuum cleaner is having different models, so you can also turn into thinking that you are getting the proper vacuum bag when you do not have the vacuum cleaner bag.

If it happens, you observe that the bag is not a secure you may think it could be. Once check the code of your machine and compare it to the code on the bag to duck purchasing one that does not work well.

2.  Assess The Belt:

As a rule of thumb, the belt ought to replace for every six months in a decade. The belt isn’t the solid number, and of course, a number as it is based upon the frequency of that you to utilize your vacuum cleaner and you should not mention the version and brand of your machine.

If you do not use your vacuum cleaner regularly, let us check once in an every 2 or 3 weeks, then no need to replace the belt twice in a year.

If you are using this machine regularly, then you need to replace the belt for every six months.

3.  Assess Hoses & the Filters:

Most of the vacuum cleaner versions, especially new machines, have filters which are attached to aid pick up dust and can pollute your house environment.

If your vacuum cleaner has a filter, and you will wish to clean it regularly, and then replace it.

You can also clean a filter that is plastic, and also shake a paper or cloth, based on how simple it’s to remove.

4.  Clean the Brush Roll:

Though it is going to vary from model to model, most of the vacuum cleaners has attached with a plate. Firstly, you need to lift or remove the plate and then slide the roller out from slots on the both sides.

Once you find the objects which are wrapped around the roller, use your finger or scissor to remove them.

Pull these objects from the roll until it goes to switch off. You can also wash it off roller with a water and soap, make sure that it is possible to clean.

Here there is a brush to roll of the unit, and now you have a specific opportunity to clean and replace the roller bearings, caps and inside the part of the vacuum.

It does not damage or too much dirty, and a quick wipe with a damp rag will help to clean any dust that might be trapped in these regions.

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